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1 any of several fundamental and distinct classes to which entities or concepts belong taxpayers fall into one of several categories, a aristotles modes of objective being such as quality quantity or relation that are inherent in all things, categories also called guggenheim used with a singular verb a game in which a key word and a list of categories as dogs automobiles or rivers are selected and in which each player writes down a word in each category that begins with each of the letters of the key word the player writing down the most words within a time limit being declared the winner, the second point in this category is own cousin to the above they belong entirely to the category of what is wise to realize good dn the rogues i thought at one time they had me in a category a class or division in a scheme of classification logic any of the various basic concepts into which all knowledge can be classified, category definition 1 in a system for dividing things according to appearance quality etc a type or a group of things having some features that are the same 2 a grouping of people or things by type in any systematic arrangement 3 a group of people or things that have similar features learn more, this report provides you with a breakdown of market data including data on establishments by hotel category rooms by hotel category room occupancy rate by hotel category rooms nights available by hotel category rooms nights occupied by hotel category revenue per available room by hotel category revenue per occupied room by hotel category total revenue per available room total room , 17 synonyms of category from the merriamwebster thesaurus plus 23 related words definitions and antonyms find another word for category one of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic synonyms bracket class classification find the right word in mathematics a category sometimes called an abstract category to distinguish it from a concrete category is an algebraic structure similar to a group but without requiring inverse or closure properties it comprises objects that are linked by arrows a category has two basic properties the ability to compose the arrows associatively and the existence of an identity arrow for each object, weather underground provides local long range weather forecasts weather reports maps tropical weather conditions for locations worldwide

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