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Altcar Car Sharing Membership


Plan Monthly Fee Hourly Rate Daily Rate (24 hours)
Alt-Standard $0 $9.00/hour $72.00
Alt-Preferred $25.00 (3 free hours) $7.50/hour $60.00

*All local and state rental taxes apply and will be added to the rates above, and itemized on the monthly bill.

$25 Application Fee (non-refundable) – Driver background check, license, insurance, etc…

$50 Membership Fee – to join the program


Alt Standard

Alt Standard is designed for people who do not drive much, but would like to have access to a vehicle on occasion. To help cover our administrative costs there is a $35.00 annual fee charged once a year on your anniversary date. (Starting after your first year)

Alt Preferred

Alt Preferred is designed for people who drive a moderate amount. With Alt Preferred, you pay a monthly fee, but receive 3 free driving hours. As an added benefit, any driving time after your 3 free hours is billed at a discounted rate.

Pay as you drive

This option will charge members credit cards after each trip they take. They will still get detailed driving statements at the end of every month.

Monthly Billing

Members are billed at the end of each month for their driving hours. This option requires a $250 deposit.

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