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The Cooper trim amount is MINI’s most popular, accessible across its range. Here is all you need to know to assist you choose your own.

The MINI Cooper is a name steeped in history, related to Monte Carlo Rally victories and generations of performance spin-offs.

These days, the name is available round the MINI range, and it means as much as ever in terms of performance and driver enjoyment.

Here is our buyers guide to each of the MINI Cooper versions.

MINI Cooper 3-door

The first and still the most fun, the 3-dr Cooper recalls the classic Cooper models of older, with compact, cheeky styling and proceed kart-like handling.
If practicality is not the most important element for you, there’s no other little car that’s quite as much fun.
The three-door MINI comes in 3 flavours. The entry-level Cooper has a three-cylinder 1.5-litre turbocharged engine, while the S has a 2.0-litre four-pot. The S is more powerful (189bhp vs 134bhp) however, the standard Cooper is still a complete joy to drive, using a characterful engine notice.
The petrol isn’t as quick, but is very frugal, offering around 75mpg.
There’s also the range-topping John Cooper Works edition, which includes monitor features and distinctive performance styling add-ons. It’s a fantastic machine and it really looks the part.

MINI Cooper 5-door

The Cooper 5-door hatch utilizes a lengthened version of the 3-dr platform, with an extra pair of doorways and quite a decent number of rear legroom.
The boot is 30 per cent bigger than that of the three-door, while the trimming levels are otherwise the same. It’s a more sensible alternative to the classic 3-door version, but still retains a lot of its understated charm and personality.
Nevertheless despite its own crossover qualifications, the Countryman retains a level of driving enjoyment that few other tiny SUVs may muster, due to MINI’s superb chassis engineering. It is still a complete delight to drive, with a choice of three models — the normal Cooper and the stronger Cooper S, that utilize the same engines as the Mini hatch. Or for the full effect, there’s a John Cooper Works version, which comes with added styling attributes and special alloys.

MINI Cooper Convertible

The ragtop MINI is a fun-filled alternative into the 3-door, which functions best in three-cylinder form, as with the roof down you get to actually appreciate its characterful engine note.

MINI Cooper Clubman

The Clubman is the ideal MINI if you need a bit more extra space, above and outside the five-door hatch but with a more car-like appearance than the crossover Countryman.
It has a generous load bay, and is available in three trim levels — the 134bhp three-cylinder Cooper, the 150bhp diesel Cooper D along with the 189bhp John Cooper Works.

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